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San Francisco

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Last stop ??San Francisco??

Finally we are in San Francisco, America. What an amazing opportunity I have had to travel around the world, and meet some cool people. But now three and a half months of travelling is all coming to an end. Anyway enough of that emotional stuff lets see what I get up to in San Francisco.

??San Francisco??

First off we head to the water front to hire some bikes to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Sausalito to have lunch. A great ride with lots of photo opportunities along the way and thankfully not too many hills. Lots of fun and a great way to see San Fran.

San Fran turns out to be what I expected, full of hills and fire engines but what surprised me the most was how friendly the locals are with directions and just being nice in general.

Next up, we check out Lombard Street the steepest street in the world (check out the photos it's pretty crazy to me) and now we are feeling our thighs burning due to the practically vertical hills in San Fransisco.

It's all down hill from here kids because we are heading to pier 23 to catch the ferry to the rock. Alcatraz. Jack has watched every single movie, you tube clip and all the way to documentaries. He even knows all the fire exits so as you can see this is a pretty exciting outing for him. Through the entire history of the rock many people have tried to escape but only three men have known to find there way across and out of Alcatraz but no one knows if they made it past the Sharks and survived to reach San Francisco Bay.

Next up we head to Pier 39 to check out the sea lions and spend some cash in the arcade watching 7d blaster games. We had the classic San Fran speciality clam chowder served in sourdough bread bowls - it had to be done.

We have a boys only day and send mum off shopping so us boys can go to the Exploratorium - the most amazing hands on science museum. They make science seem like fun! Hundreds of different things to do and see - we loved it and highly recommend it.

Finally we can't leave San Fran without a cable car ride through San Francisco hills - I'm literally hanging out for it (due to the tight space on the tram)


Doing a world trip is the best thing I have ever and will ever do in my life. Travelling is a great way to experience our big world and that's what I did. We have meet some amazing people and gone to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. But now it's all come to a end and there's a couple of amazing people I'd like to thank.

Mum and dad for making it possible

All of our hosts for giving us great places to stay

My Aunty Jack for coming and meeting us in London, Venice and Paris

And last but not least Mr Howerd and Room One for posting lots of messages on my blog

Sam and Lachlan for also commenting heaps on the blog

And thanks again for all the people who have read and commented on my blog. And here's the last facts about my blog - on one of my posts right now it is just above 25 000 views so that's pretty cool. Anyway bye for now and I hope to see everyone for Christmas.

From Harry

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??Paris, France??

In ??Paris?? I literally had no time to sit down and blog out, so I am a bit behind. Still, we had a amazing time in Paris with Aunty Jack and the rest of the family?. Some of the highlights? were seeing? and going up the Eiffel Tower, cruising down the river at night and really just having a great time. I highly recommend it. But we didn't just do that, Jack and I also ate out at our favourite sushi ?bar most nights? and we just lived the life of a Paris local. So here's what we did in Paris??.


.we all went up the Eiffel Tower which has an old apartment at the top which MR Eiffel lived in?

.we met Aunty Jack? at the train station - she came over from London?? on the Eurostar

.took a Citroen tour in two old? cars around Paris?? for three hours and saw every thing you can see in Paris??

.bought and locked a lock onto the love lock bridge which is a bridge that you lock your lock on to and it locks you love for ever. That sounds pretty locky to me ?

.caught a boat for a night cruise down the river and saw all the wonders of Paris light up like a 10000 watt Xmas tree?

.visited the grand Opera house, war museum (dad is still raving about it) and the spectacular cathedral - The Notre Dame.?

.strolled through the gardens of the Luxemburg Palace?

.saw the Christmas light show on the Eiffel Tower and around all the streets of central Paris

. had a day with Auntie Jack - went out to the new Louis Vuitton gallery - totally amazing architecture

.ate the best burgers I have ever had in my life at Blend in Paris for lunch?


And here's some facts about Paris ......

When Hitler visited Paris in WWII the people of Paris cut the elevator cord so he had to walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Paris was once a Roman city called Lutetia.

Paris has the biggest museum in the world. The Louvre.

Two million people live in central Paris.


Check out the photo gallery for more photos.....

See you in San Francisco?

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Chablis region - France



??Seigneley, Chablis??

Now we are only one and a half hours away from Paris (which is our next stop) where we meet Aunty Jack for a fun filled couple of days. But right now we are in a medium sized village with about 1500 people living in it - it's called Seigenlay and since the 16 hundreds till now there has always been 1000 to 2000 people living in the village.

And here's some more facts about Europe that I'll hit you with........

The biggest cities in Europe are Paris and London

Golf was invented in Scotland

The largest island in the world is Greenland

The biggest country in Europe is Russia

Monaco is the worlds richest country

We are staying in a Manor, it's just the 4 of us but it is massive and has eight bedroom, eight bathrooms, three sitting rooms and a movie theatre (that we can't work) and it's probably the nicest place we have ever stayed at. We are here for a week and here's a summary of what we get up to.

45 minutes away there is a small medieval town with nice buildings in it. But by the time we arrive everything was shut for winter so we take a ride to Chablis - another wine town. Then on our long ride home in the rain with us on the main road a police car pulls out of a side street and nearly wipes us out. We continue on, then the next minute we hear sirens and they are behind us telling us to pull us over. They finally get out of their car and If anyone has seen the movie The Heat, that's exactly what they look like. They didn't speak much English and after checking all dads documents they let us go - we are still unsure why they picked on us.....

Living in a country manor we make fires, carve sticks with my pocket knife, mow the lawns with the ride on lawn mower and generally just chill. They have a golf course on the property and us boys have a few good rounds of golf.

We head to Paris tomorrow for a week then it's Bon voyage Europe and hello USA.

Bye for now Harry

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Chateau Burnand

A night in a castle



❓The surprise location❓

Today we are heading to the surprise location where only mum and dad know the mystery location. But when we arrive we get a bit of a fright. Here's Jack's side of the story.

A Night In A castle - by Jack???

We packed up and got in the car ???but we only had to drive for 5 minutes then we where there. I thought I was staying in a little farmhouse ⛺️but it was actualy a humungs castle. ??It was bilt in the roman days wich is a long time ago!! It has 4 towers and 2 wings and 15 bedrooms and a duck ?that you can pat and 7 cats ???????and 5 chickens?????. It is like a farm and it has a games room with a pool table ?and a Dutch game. And in one of the towers is my bedroom and it is humungs. The End.?

Back to me again......

The castle was built in the 13th century and last renovated in the 19th century by a family of lords who owned it. Over the years it has been home to monks, nobles and lords. In World War Two the turrets with hidden rooms were used to hide Jewish refugees. The highest tower is six stories high. The castle is now owned by a famous Dutch painter and an Asian sculpturer.

Every room of the house has been decked out to look like a king or queens rooms. For example the dining room has shields of the surrounding villages (I am guessing) and the bedrooms have the original carpet, furniture and so on. As the owners are artists, the whole building is filled with amazing sculptures and massive paintings.

We had such a great time just for the night we wil never forget it. Dad cooks an amazing dinner for us and the owners of the castle and we sit around chatting for hours.

We are off tomorrow, heading to a town called Seigenaly. See you next week for another update. Harry

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St Gengoux


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France - Saint Gengoux Le National??

Hey people it's me again for another update? on my trip? so far we have left Uzès and are heading to Saint Gengoux.. We are approximately 400 km away from Paris?? (guess how many kms we have done in the car - I will announce the total when I get to Paris (so start guessing) anyway we are on our way to Saint Gengoux and Jack and mum stop off at a castle to have a look around so I will hand the mic over to Jack?

Chateau Cormatin

Hi Jack here - I am going into a big and beautiful chateau ?with a long straight driveway?? with trees on each side. In the garden there is a maze made of bushes with a tower in the middle for mum to see where I am. In the tower are birds and rabbits (sweet) also in the garden are lots of bushes shaped like animals. ????

Now the bell rings? - time to go in and start our tour. So we climb lots of stairs and come to a room. It is freezing cold ❄️in the castle. The tour guide spoke French??luckerly we had a English book???. My faverrit room in the chateau is the kitchen because it had a warm fire?. In one of the rooms it was filled with speceil things that the Lord collected from around the world


Like gewerlery?????, shells and dead animals like turtles, crokerdiles and possems.

From Jack?

Thanks Jack that was great ..., now we are really at our house? which is our new home for a while. Our house is again a typical 4 story house located right in the centre of the town. You walk out the door and to your right you have the local pub right next to us then directly across the road you have the patisserie. And if you take the back door you have the butchers, dairy and another patisserie and here's what a summary of what we get up to.

Every day we go to a new town - firstly we head to our closest town called Buxy where we have a look around (and a peek at the patisserie). Also we check out two riverside towns- both of them we stroll around and we also picked up two really fun card games.

One morning me and dad get the bikes from in the garage and head down to the green route. The green route is an old train track? that has been concreted over with to make a 400 km bike track through all the surrounding villages.. So me and dad went for an hour but we didn't make the 400 km we just did 8. In Cluny (another small village near us) there is a great Saturday market with everything you could want including fresh fruit, vegetables, collectables, meat and heaps more.

The town is overall most famous for its horse show jumping and stud farms?. After a long day we went to the museum which is all about the abbey. Inside they had a 3D movie about what they abbey used to look like as it has been destroyed over the years..Once the church was the largest Christian building in the world until a bigger church was built in Rome in the 16th? century. Anyway see you tomorrow for a surprise location but before I go, I will hit you with some more facts on France......

French fries and Feench Toast weren't invented in France
Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in France
The Eiffel Tower is painted every 7 years
25 million baguettes are eaten day in France

Thanks for reading and see you soon. Harry

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