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Milan to Cinque Terre

Bliss - swimming in the Med....

sunny 25 °C


??Milan, Tellaro and Cinque Terre?? Sorry to spam your mail with an overload of travel blogs - we are all up to date now. The next post will be in a week.

The train trip from Venice ?to Milan was a chance to chill out for 2.5 hours?. Milan is just a pit stop for the night? on our way to Central Italy??.

Milan the fashion capital of the world?, filled with well known branded shops? on every corner. That evening we head out for my birthday dinner and enjoy the wonders of an all you can eat Milanese Buffett - the Hoover is in heaven???.

11th September - we are ready to leave the city and can't wait to start our tiki tour of Italy. We pick up our car and after a few whip lash instances we are off. We get help setting the GPS but unfortunately they set it for ❌no❌ motorways. The whole trip should of taken us 2 hours 40 minutes? when it really took 7 hours 30 minutes?. Lesson learnt!!!!!

We arrive in Tellaro and greeted cheerfully by our host Giovanni- we quickly forget about the long painful trip by looking at the spectacular view of Tellaro and the Cinque Terre. Clusters of houses??? set on the cliff edges - like something out of a movie?. It's really lovely and we feel like we could stay here for ever.

Giovanni takes us on a tour of the village. The old part of town was built in the 1400s and the new part as they call it was built in the 1800s. We are looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

12th September - I think this is my favourite destination so far - the water is crystal clear with fish swimming around the rocks. We climb down 184 stairs to our little beach and set up camp for the day - a great day swimming and chillaxing.

We are so lucky - out host Giovanni picks us up in his jet boat and takes us for a tour around Tellaro, Port of Venus (amazing?) and Lerici and lots of other towns⛪️ - Cinque Terre. It is breathtaking.??

We leave tomorrow bound for Tuscany - fingers crossed Dad takes the direct route this time?

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Third stop Venice

sunny 24 °C


Wow we have arrived and Venice looks beautiful - a unique city built on water??. Have uploaded heaps of photos so be sure to check them out.???????

We arrive in style via our private water taxi? - a really cool wooden speedboat. We speed over the harbour, through a maze of canals to the Castello district where we are staying. We check in to our stunning apartment - did I mention Auntie Jack is in Venice? with us. Our apartment is styled with lots of Venetian antiques and is in a nice quite local area.??

It's time to eat again???........we go out to a pizzeria for pizza (of course). I ate so much and so fast that from now on my family call me Hoover.??? Fun.

On Monday morning we set of to the famous Rialto Market - which is the city's busiest and oldest quarter and home to one of Venice's most famous sights - the Rialto Bridge which was built on 1591.

We had fun wandering around and getting lost in the narrow, identical alleyways. It is super busy in the San Marco area - thousands of tourists everywhere so we escape to the awesome Gritty Hotel - where my glass of OJ cost Euros10?.

We get talking to our waiter Marco and he offers to be our tour guide for tomorrow - more on that later.......

Next we take a gondola ride to the Dorsodura district for a look around? - that's when the trouble starts. We get totally lost and stop for directions many times - only to be pointed in different directions each time. We need to take vital refuelling stops in the Trattorias and finally make it home 3 hours later.

Tuesday 9th September - at 9am sharp we spot Marco speeding through the canal to collect us??. We climb aboard his dainty speed boat and jet across the harbour to the island - Murano. Murano is the famous glass making island. We explored and watched some glass makers doing their thing.

Then Marco takes us on 2 hour boat ride?? - along the grand canal and through the maze of canals. A great view travelling by boat.

Wednesday 10th September - it's ma birthday it's ma birthday. Any way I wake up to find the kitchen/dining room decorated with banners, balloons, candles and cake❤️❤️❤️. And some wrapped up prezzies on the table - from Auntie Jack a cool new Element skateboard, skate socks and an Independent tshirt and from mum and dad a Chelsea football shirt plus my Nike SBs - happy skate days.

Farewell from Venice? - we take the train to Milan today.

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2nd Stop

sunny 22 °C


We have 3 days in London.....

Day 1 - jumped aboard the Double Decker bus for a tour of Central London - saw all the main sights including Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards. See the photo gallery for our photos........

Jack loves it here and would love to come back and live here for the rest of his life!!!!! I am not arguing with him about that one.

The highlight of our trip to London was seeing Auntie Jack - she has flown from Kentucky USA to surprise us and come to Venice with us - we are so pleased to see her.

Day 2 - a trip to Legoland and a visit to Windsor Castle.

Dad loves it here - loves the English culture and the pub on each corner.

Day 3 - walked around the Southbank and over the London Bridge. Got up close and personal with Big Ben.

Day 4 - checked out the flower market in East London then we fly from London to Venice.

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First Stop Tokyo




The flight over was smooth - past the boredom by chilling out and watching movies and eating yummy plane food. Watch this space for movie reviews ? LOL.

Anyway Japan is great really hot 26 degrees ?

Fun facts about Tokyo

13.35 million people live in Tokyo
Average temperature 24 degrees 94% humidity
Home to worlds largest slice of meat
It has 259 Starbucks outlets just in Tokyo
They also have the worlds most expensive restaurant with beef costing ¥35000 that's $350

Day 1
We woke up at 4:30 am *yawn and at 5:00 am we strolled around our neighbourhood and explored many of the side streets and alley ways.
On the way back we found a bunch of cool buildings with amazing architecture and design. On every street there
would be a little side street. Most of the time they would be crammed with little bars and nice shops.

At 9.30am we were picked up by our guide, Hideo. Firstly he took us to the local train station where we took lots of different trains to our destination, Asakusa (super tricky to navigate the subways so we were pleased we had Hideo with us to lead the way) is the old part of Tokyo - we want to a beautiful temple and took part in the ceremonies. Surprisingly not many Japanese English at all - including our guide Hideo.

Jet lag kicked in so a siesta was much needed - after we felt alive again we wandered to Harijuku - went to a traditional Japanese restaurant. On the way home mum dragged us into a Karaoke Bar - it was an experience to say the least. They take their singing very seriously - it was fun watching them sing - even had their own smoke machine!

Day 2
We meet our tour guide Keiko - a really nice Japanese lady who had excellent English and had planned a great day our for us.

Our first stop was up 52 floors to an observation deck of Tokyo's tallest building to get a Birdseye view of the city - buildings everywhere you look and we even saw a glimpse of my Fuji. The view was amazing you could see for miles. Check the photo gallery for some pics.

After that Keiko took us to an original Japanese house - it was home to a VIP High Commissioner - it was built in 1851 and has been restored to its original state. - surrounded by Japanese garden - it was really spectacular. There are not many of these houses because of the bombing in World War 2.

Our next stop was to Shimbuya to see the the statue if Tokyo's most famous dog -

If you don't know the story here it is ........... 15 years ago there was a man and dog they where best friends and they did everything together. Every day when the man walked to the train station to go to work, the dog would follow him to the station and wait at the station all day until his master returned from work. One day the man died at work - the dog didn't know so he waited at the stop for 3 months. He wouldn't leave and died at the station. So they made a statue of the dog and it's loyalty.

Then we went to a sushi train- apparently the best sushi in Tokyo - where food goes around the room and you chose what you want and eat it I had 8 plates!

We leave Tokyo tomorrow to head to London - have really loved this city!

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I'm leaving on a jet plane......

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It's me Harry!

Mum, dad, Jack and me are off on an adventure. We leave NZ on Sunday 31st August - our first stop is Tokyo, then we head to London, Venice and Milan.

From there we have 3 months to explore Italy, Spain and France, before heading to Paris for a week then home via San Fran.

I'll be in charge of writing our travel blog - I hope you enjoy hearing about our travels.

Harry Salter

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