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??South of France, Provence, Uzes??

We have arrived in our next destination - a very cool town called Uzes. We are staying in a really nice loft style house, right in the centre of town. It is decorated in French / Art Deco style. My auntie Jack's dream house I reckon - it is very cool?, except my little brother and I have to share a bed.

Here's what we get up to in Uzes......

Day 1

I awake to Jack's nails digging? into the flesh of my back and my running gear on my bed. I Quickly get ready? and me and mum head off for our morning exercise. We run straight into the busy Saturday market that is setting up so after we finish our jog we then head back to collect the rest of the family to explore the market - it is a food feast French style. The market is big and weaves around the street and through the cobblestone paths of the medieval town. They have everything here including butchers, stalls of cheese, olives, snails, pizza of course, baguettes , fresh obese prawns and hand made chocolate....... Arghhhh where to start is the problem?.

So we gather up all of our stuff from the markets and head back to our place????. Later on after that we all went for a walk? on a quest to find our favourite bar?, it takes a while to chose but we get there in the end. Dad had planned to come to a pub to watch the All Blacks vs England??. It was a nail biting game with a biased ref who did what ever he could to give the English the win, but we still came out on top.

Uzès day two

We all wake up and want to go back to sleep? there is a big lot of rain coming over but mum still dragges me out of bed some how and makes me go for our daily run before the rain comes. Today is Sunday and a big thing they do in France is not having big dinners, but having lunch as a main meal so with all the fresh produce we gathered from the markets dad makes a nice lunch. French style. We all get dressed into our nice gear and light the candles. We have fresh goats cheese, eggplant parmigana (for mum), the obese prawns,, snails, salad, potatoes, Parma ham, sausages and chicken. This may take a while- see you tomorrow?


Uzès day three- Ponte du Gard

I awake to my cling on brother hugging up next to me?. Mum said that there were some roman? settlers in France?? near our town, and apparently they had inventing this amazing way of transporting water. So We watch a documentary on these things called aquaducts and they are pretty much amazing and here's how they work.?

An aquaduct is a rock pipeline about 2 metres high? and long and they run for miles like a pipe, but here's the most amazing thing. They didn't just go straight, they slopped down and then they went down for a bit, then up and since the speed was fast from the down, it was easy to go up again so it didn't lose height.

We finally arrived at the site- it is called Pont du Gard and it is amazing with three layers of archers to support it off the ground. And to think that they could do this, all those century's ago. The Romas were very smart!!!! And to give you an idea of the size of it..... it is 16 elephants tall And can fit three jumbo jets on top of it. We stand there for ages taking photos? of it but our day still isn't over as we are heading to Avignon.


We arrive in Avignon and walk up from our car park and find ourselves smack bang in the city centre with old historical ?buildings on one side and pizza? bars to the other. But none of us can believe the size of the giant castle that stood beyond us. It was once the home of one of the Popes - it is huge, about the size off three rugby? pitches or even bigger. It is very impressive and we climb to the top to get a great view of Avignon, which has a river running alongside if it. Some history for you, Harry style......

The castle is one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe and the Pope lived here in the 13th century. He left Rome to escape the chaos there and moved in here - the place is 14 000 square meters = huge!!


See you tomorrow for a new location?.


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The adventure in South of France continues.......

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??South of France, Province, Cotignac??

Hi? people of Earth? now we are in Cotignac which is a small? but international village with all kinds of people living here including Americans??, Canadians, Auzzies and even some kiwis?. The town is pretty simple but completely amazing. It has a couple of very nice restaurants a phew bars and some local produce and gift? shops. Not to mention the bakeries......yumm

Our house that we are staying in is another typical house? in the area. I'll give you a run down⏬ of it - you walk in to the kitchen/dinning room and if you go down the stairs you get to the basement. If you go up you will come to mum and dads level with bedroom and bathroom. Then you go up again to come to Jack's bedroom and bathroom. Then if you go up one more level you come to the lounge with full on bar and a very nice view of the village. Then last but not least you go up one more level to get to my room at the top. So our house is 6 stories - never had that before, have you?.

Since dad is the chef? and most of the time me, Jack and mum are always upstairs, dad has to go for a work out, up 4 stair cases of stairs to deliver our food and beverages.
P.s one thing that I do is I am about to walk out the door and I forget my hat....... Oh no, I have to go back up 5 stories to get to my rom. Fun fun fun. Anyway it's time to give you a summary of what we do in Cotignac?.

Dad parked the car? in the garage and claimed that he got hit? by the concrete wall as he was parking. We decide to leave the car where it is and stay in the village due to the rain that is coming over?. Every morning we go down to the local cafe and mum and dad have a coffee and me and Jack raid the bakery?. On the the last afternoon? we did a big walk around the ruins of an old fort and all through the paths carved in the wall. After that we did what the French do and have a long lunch at the local restaurant called ?La table. We have really enjoyed walking everywhere and have loved our village so much we haven't left in 3 days - it has been a good change not having to drive.


Mum has us on another look out- Brad and Angelina have a chateau near here - we don't spot them but mum has found their wine at a local wine shop. It is a Rose wine from their winery - it is called Chateau Miraval and it's very nice according to mum.

Now it's that time again, time to move to our next location - so see you in Uzès?.


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South of France - Le Barroux

Good to be back👌🇫🇷

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??South of France Provence??

Hi Harry here (again) we are back in France. We just arrived in the south of France in a region called Provence. Staying in a small quiet village called Le Borroux which is set high up on a hill. Our house is a narrow four story French home- all the stairs keep us fit. With a giant castle sitting right behind us, To protect the village all those years go. And here's some facts about our village.

First off it's prince Charles most preferred village in France

605 people live in the small village

The Tour de France goes right past the village

Now time to introduce my guest writer Jack who is going to tell you about his trip to the castle...

La / Barroux
One day we went to a castle, it was humunges - we went to pay at the counter?CF9D9FA9FF4E4D0119CEB7CD3855BF91.jpg90_CF9FC79A0A3FCDD7C05100B1CA455BA8.jpg

We waited to go in?

And then we went into the castle? AWESOME ?? it had a chaple which is a church⛪️

And some big swords cool? then we went up the stairs?? . And then we saw the kings room? it had a great view? and really old lights? and an old dungeon. Next we went back to the bottom of the castle where the soldiers slept. Then we went out as we had finished our castle tour. By Jack

??South of France Provence day one??


We couldn't get into our place till three pm so we decide to explore the surrounding villages. First off we go to a small farmers market and get some fresh produce for my vegetable soup for dinner (yummy) before we headoff to the next town to explore.


The next town is amazing it has a crystal clear river flowing through it with little restaurants planted on the river side. We are told there is an amazing fountain - it's called fountain Vaclouse - none of us have heard about this before, but we soon learn that it is the biggest and most famous in Europe. We finally reach the vantage point - the fountain is blue so blue that the colour is so crazy. It looks pretty shallow but divers have tested the depth and it's 308 meters deep. Anyway time to head to our house and unpack our gear. See you there.

That night we go for a stroll to the end of the village to watch the sunset. It was bright orange we watch it all the way till it went down past the horizon. Spectacular.

We find the local bar around the corner owned by some English people so mum stayed and chatted to them while me and jack played with the three kids. We explored the property for a hour and by that then it was time to head back home for my yummy vegetable soup for dinner. See you tomorrow.

??South of France Province day two??


Today we are heading to a really big market that has over 400 stalls and it has been going for over 60 years. The market is full of a lot of antiques and nick nacks. It is called Isle le Sorgue.

We start at one end and start our journey through the market. We start off and get some fresh sea food and fresh produce - think goats cheese, medjol dates, baguettes and snails. After that we go for a hard core explore through and around the market. We stop for a bite to eat of pizza and mum has a look in a couple of shops. We had been at the markets for a couple of hours now and have heaps of full bangs.

After a busy day we sit down for some food and refreshments watching the locals performing some great music. We order a buffalo mozzarella and basil and vine ripened tomatoes and a good sized platter of cheese and Parma ham for me and dad (jack doesn't eat much). Dad is in his going around all the seafood stalls buying food for our gourmet dinner he said he would serve which included the following. Scampi, fish, prawns and scallops.

Today we are at the markets for about seven hours and we still didn't see all of it. But at least everyone was looking forward to our dinner - anyway see you tomorrow.

??South of France province day three??


Today we are going to a Roman village that settled in France in a little town called Le Romaine Vaison. First up we go to the museum where they have recovered some of what was there back in those days. Including monuments, statues, pottery, vases and underground irrigation that circulates through the village.

Gathering facts from the ruins and the things they found, they put together a short movie on what it would of been like back then. I was really surprised about how much the Romans knew about architecture and design. Next we head out of the museum (which was closing for a sleep) and head around the back to the amphitheater which was the equivalent to the colosseum but only a half circle. We then take a steep walk up to the medieval part of town and check out the ruins of the old castle.

Tomorrow we are heading to Cotignac which is a small village that is meant to be very nice. (Hopefully) anyway see you soon.


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Basque Country, Spain

Swimming, swimming, swimming

sunny 28 °C

??Spain Ea astie??

Now we are in a new location 1 hour? down the road from ??San Sebastián?? in a really small town called EA Astei in a sawmill. The owners have made a luxury resoert with brand new houses, as well as old houses out of the sawmills wood. We are staying in a 15th century stonehouse - so much character, we love it. Mersti is our lovely host - she is so kind to me and Jack. She has a really cool dog called TinTin - he is blind and deaf but he is the smartest dog ever. Also we love all the bunnies - we have 20 plus cute bunnies running around the gardens and Jack feeds them each day....it is totally amazing here and we all agree it is our best stop yet - they have a massive garage with ping ping? and fozeball⚽️ (also some scooters and skate boards). And if you want there is a big community dining room / games room/ music/ bar/ lounge all made out of wood? from the sawmill. And lastly they have a pool table? that me and dad retreat to every night for a couple of games. And here's what we got up to?.


Most of the days are spent relaxing by the 31 degrees pool? out the back just chilling (mum read two whole books?). On the first out of five nights? we met an English?? family who have stayed a week in this Spanish paradise??. The son was my age but they leave in the morning so we play a couple of games⚽️? then we left them for bed. Also one day we venture out of our paradise to head to a local beach called Laga - it's yotally famous for surfing around here. We have chips? and a ice cream? but I am dreaming about good old fashioned kiwi fish and chips - no where to be seen so I guess I will have to wait until I get home to Dport......And on the last two✌️ nights we hung out with our new French friends Seb and lucile. Both nights we a great time, Jack loved playing with their kids?? Sara and Alisa. Me and Lucile drink wine and eat oysters ( Seb is an oyster farmer) and me.....Well I smash Seb in pool - I win 4 out of the 5 games?.

We get up early?? to head out to San Jaun de Geztelugate. It is a separate island with a small passage up to the top. On the island there is a tiny church⛪️ and this church is dedicated to John the Baptist?. We start off for a walk - two km on a old steep rocky path to the steps. Now the real challenge was starting we have 241 steps? to get to our final destination? At the top an old 18th century chapel stood with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Coast (go check out the photo gallery for more photos?). Legend has it that if you ring the bell on the chapel 13 times you wash off all the bad spirits from you body?.

Anyway times to head down the 241 steps and up the steep rocky hill in 29 degrees heat (fun). We are half way up, and me and mum think it is a good idea?? to run the rest of the way and leave dad with Jack?. Me and mum sprint?? using all of our energy to power up the hill to the bar at the top. We beat dad and Jack by quite a way and have already planned our siesta from 12 till three o clock. But cold refreshments were needed before that?.

Thanks for reading another blog, and here are some interesting but weird facts about ??Spain?? here we go.

Spaniards own more cars than cell phones

Spaniards invented the mop

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world

Real Madrid is the most supported club in football with 228 million fans

Spain produces 44% of the worlds olive oil

47 million people live in Spain

And the capital of Spain is Madrid

Well that is all for today - we could stay here forever but we are hitting the road tomorrow. South of France here we come.....and a big shout out to Mertsi, Lucile and Seb and all our friends we met at EA Astei.

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San Sebastián, Spain

Food paradise

sunny 29 °C


??San Sebastián Spain??

Hi Harry here?, we now continue our adventures in a new country. ??Spain??. San Sebastián (where we are staying is one of Auntie Jack's? favourite places in the world) and is famous for Pintox ( tapas for us kiwis) which is little portions? of melt in your mouth food. Think meatballs?, melted cheese balls, prawns?, mussels, squid rings, and small ham buns. Each Pintox bar has a huge selection of food lined up in the bar - you grab a plate and eat as much as you like?. It's Hoover heaven.

??San Sebastián?? day one

We arrive to the 29 degrees sun and the sound? of waves crashing? all over. We meet our fantastic host Indigo at our lush apartment and get the run? down of what we should do in this very cool town (which is on the 4th floor and no elevators) and head out for a quick bite to eat at a local tapas bar. Our apartment is located on 31 Augusto street which is the oldest street in the old town? - San Sebastián had a major fire? but this street survived.


We found out about the local aquarium? And decide to take a visit. It's very cool and totally worth checking it - it has Three levels - two fish and one level of models of boats and shells. It has fish from all around the world including fresh water fish,tropical fish and salt water fish. I reckon it is Ten times better than the Auckland one.

That night we go out on a tapas crawl we go from bar to bar have eating? - in the end we go to at least four different bars. Dad and I then sneak out to watch a football⚽️ game - it is Real Madrid versus Liverpool. A good game......

??San Sebastián?? day two

Here's a summary of what we do on day two.

We head up the to mountain to the highest point of San Sebastián - to get there we jump onboard an old tram that takes us on a 85 degree angle up the steep mountain?. There is also an old fort up here so we climb the stairs to check it out and the great view - check the Photogallery for my photos.

After that we deserve a treat? and need to chill down? so we all get ice creams and go to the beach. I have my first swim in the Atlantic Ocean (pretty cold and nice waves - this is a big surfer town after all) but over all a good day in paradise?.

Mum and dad head out for a night of peace and quiet so we have Maria come over to babysit - we have fun trying to speak Spanish and Maria teaches us a card? game.

??San Sebastián?? day three

After our standard morning run (thanks mum) along the waterfront?, we head out for a day of walking off the tapas. We head up another mountain to a fort and the statue of San Sebastián and then head to the beach to cool down. We watch the surfers? catching some big waves and dumpers.

We have loved it here - a good start to Spain.

Tomorrow we head along the Spanish coast into Basque Country. I'll be back. ?


Here is a message for you to translate.....
usted es una de las mejores personas de todo gracias por la traducción .

And a big shout out to these people
Maria our baby sitter
Indigo our host
Mitchellmy cousin
Room one and Mr Howard for being my favourite class
And last but not least Sam, Theo and Dylan

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